Dear Prospective Parent,  

We are pleased you have taken the time to find out about our school. We look forward to a long and positive association.   

Our school has been on this site for over 100 years and it has a rich cultural and social background. Children from many ethnic backgrounds and socio economic groups attend Freemans Bay School which makes our school an exciting and vibrant place to be. A special feature of our school is Whänau Ata, our Maori Immersion Unit. The school is situated on the edge of the Central Business District not far from the Viaduct Basin and Ponsonby Road.   

Our school has a commitment to high academic standards and an expectation that all children will succeed. We currently  emphasise the teaching of literacy and numeracy  which are also the governments current priorities. During the last six years we have been developing a school based curriculum which is built around an inquiry learning model where children are encouraged to ask questions and find answers. We believe this is an essential skill if children are to be active participants in a modern democratic nation. 

We are a well resourced school with a fully stocked library, extensive grounds and very good sporting facilities. We have an experienced staff who provide a safe but challenging environment for your child.   

Schooling is an open partnership between the parents, the child and the school. In order to maximise the learning potential of all children we need to have open communication between all parties. We do want and expect you to be involved in the learning at Freemans Bay School and hope that you will take the time to contribute to our school.   

We believe firmly in this policy and I hope you will feel confident to approach us if you have any concerns or ways that you can enrich our school community.  We look forward to meeting you in the future.     

Yours sincerely,     

Cindy Walsh (Principal)