School Rebuild Update

The drawings our architects, RTA Studio displayed at their school presentation in 2015,  show the buildings that have since been demolished or removed and the placement of the new buildings. These new buildings  include a library, hall, administration block, ESOL classroom and new learning zones which were completed in 2018. The presentation can be viewed HERE.

Construction of the new buildings and demolish and removal of the old buildings is now completed and we are enjoying being in our new learning environments.

The time lapse shows below show the progress of our building projects, which has saw our school totally remodeled.

It was an amazing experience for our school community to be part of a construction site in the heart of our school during 2015 – 2018.

Projects in 2018 include reinstating the school field and bike track, upgrading the grounds and gardens and completing the upgrade of the school hard courts.

Meanwhile we are really enjoying our wonderful facilities which align our school vision of Engage, Enrich and Empower with facilities that support our future focused learning.

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