Please find the stationery lists for 2019 below.

You can get your stationery from anywhere you like.
You can also order online with Educational Essentials Ltd  through your KINDO Account and they will deliver  your child’s complete pack to school!

Whānau Ata Lists

Whānau Ata, Pipi Paopao Tau 1

Whānau Ata, Tau 2 pack (t1)

Whānau Ata, Tau 3 and 4 Pack (t1)

Whānau Ata, Tau 5 and 6 (t1)

Mainstream Lists

Whānau Rau, New Entrant Pack (T4)

Whanau Rau, Y 1 and 2 Pack (t2)

Whānau PUNA Year 3 / 4 (T1)

Whanau Wai Pack (t3) website

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