Freemans Bay School provides a wide variety of programmes for students who require extension or enrichment in their learning.

 The New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2007, p.8) indicates that learning needs to reflect the trend toward student-centred learning and create students who are “confident, connected and lifelong learners.   

Extension and Enrichment:  

 At Freemans Bay School students are taught in ILE classrooms.  We recognise the diversity within our school and strive to provide various learning programmes to extend our learners. 

For students at Freemans Bay School who demonstrate exceptional ability or passion in relation to one or more of the following areas:  

  • Intellectual/Academic. 
  • Innovative/ technological. 
  • Social/Leadership. 
  • Cultural 
  • Physical/Sport 
  • Creativity/Artistic. 

How are students identified?   

Students are identified in several ways – teacher nomination, observations or assessment of students work.  Based on the Enrichment criteria, students are then included on our school’s Enrichment register. This also includes culturally appropriate criteria, for Māori and Pasifika students.  

What programmes do we offer for Extension & Enrichment? 


Class based learning is planned and designed to both challenge and stimulate students.  Learning includes choice, flexibility, relevance, acceleration, integrated curricula activities and critical thinking.   

Freemans Bay school offers interschool competitions and events such as E-Pro8 Challenge, GRIP, Writer’s festival, Peace foundation, Mathlex, Mind Plus, Mind Lab and Tournament of the Minds.  

We use Teams and OneNote to navigate and explore learning together. Enrichment online allows the Enrichment leader or teachers to set specific tasks to cater to individual’s needs. This also allows the student to progress at their own rate, separate to the rest of the class.  


Larissa Goebel – Enrichment leader.