Freemans Bay School provides a wide variety of programmes for students who require extension or enrichment in their learning.

At Freemans Bay School students are taught in ILE classrooms which are multi levelled and cultural. We recognise the diversity within our school and strive to provide various learning programmes to extend our Gifted and Talented learners.

The Gifted and Talented Students at Freemans Bay School are those who have the potential and/or demonstrate exceptional ability in relation to their peers of the same age, in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Intellectual and Academic.
  • Creative and productive thinking.
  • Leadership and social.
  • Visual and performing arts.
  • Physical Education and Sport.

We firmly believe all students should be given an opportunity to develop to their full potential.

What is Gifted or Talented?

Giftedness: describes the outstanding natural abilities, called aptitudes, in at least one ability domain, to a degree that places an individual at least among the top 10% of their peers.

Talented:  describes the outstanding mastery of systematically developed abilities, called competencies (knowledge and skills), in at least one field of human activity to a degree that places an individual at least among the top 10% of their peers who are or have been active in that area.

How are students identified as Gifted and/or Talented?

Students are identified in several ways – teacher nomination, observation and discussion, test results, assessment of student work and parent nomination. Ongoing assessment occurs throughout the year. 

Students who meet the school definition of the gifted or talented criteria are included on the school’s GATE register. This allows leaders and teachers to easily identify the students that would benefit from extension. The purpose of defining and identifying giftedness is to uncover individual abilities, qualities, and interests, and the objective of differentiation is to further develop their abilities.

What programmes do we offer for Extension & Enrichment?

Class Based Learning

Class based learning is planned and designed to both challenge and stimulate gifted and talented students. To allow for personalisation and independence. Gifted and talented learning includes: choice, flexibility, relevance, acceleration, integrated curricula activities, stimulation, complex and in-depth thinking.  

The New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education, 2007, p.8) indicates that learning needs to reflect the trend toward student-centred learning and create students who are “confident, connected and life long learners.   School Based Programmes

We allow for cross grouping which enables further, in depth integration. The level that these groups work is advanced, aimed to accelerate and enrich learning.

Outside School Programmes

Freemans Bay school offers interschool competitions such as; E-Pro8 Challenge, GRIP, Peace foundation and Mathlex. There are Gifted, and talented students may be enrolled in other correspondence courses such as; Mind Plus, Mind Lab and these extra correspondence programme target a specific area of ability.

Online Programmes

Enrichment via online programmes, for example Mathletics, Reading Eggs is where the teacher sets learning tasks specific to the individual’s needs. This allows the student to progress at their own rate, separate to the rest of the class.

Who do I contact at Freemans Bay School for more information about the GATE programme?

Larissa Goebel  is the GATE leader. For further information email her on:

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