Below is the comment from our 2022 ERO report.

Freemans Bay School Waiatarau, Auckland, provides education for students in years 1 to 6. The school has been recently rebuilt and offers collaborative learning spaces. Students are offered two learning pathways; – Rumaki Reo – Whānau Ata, and the English Pathway.

The school vision is to create a stimulating, inclusive learning environment which engages, empowers, and enriches learners to prepare them for their future world.

The school is part of Te Kāhui Ako o Waitematā.

Freemans Bay School Waiatarau strategic priorities for improving outcomes for learners are:

• Success for All: Develop staff to strengthen teaching, leadership and learner support so that there are equitable and excellent outcomes for all.

• Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Deepen commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

• Wellbeing: Create a culture of wellbeing based on shared values and positive relationships in a safe and inclusive environment.

• Learning Design: Design a broad, relevant, localised curriculum that engages, empowers and enriches our tamariki so that they thrive in their world.

• Productive Partnerships: Strengthen connections and partnerships with whānau and community.

ERO and the school are working together to evaluate how well learner progress and achievement outcomes are consistently equitable and excellent for all learners within a strengths-based approach.

The rationale for selecting this evaluation is:

• to meet the needs of the diverse community of learners

• an ongoing commitment to equitable outcomes across the two pathways.

The school expects to see:

• teachers consistently using effective teaching strategies and practices in adaptive ways to promote equitable and excellent learner outcomes

 • learners showing strong social and emotional competence, and confidence in their identities, languages and cultures, and consistently demonstrating a strong sense of belonging and connection to the school.



The school can draw from the following strengths to support it in its goal to evaluate how well learner progress and achievement outcomes are consistently equitable and excellent for all learners within a strengths-based approach:

• learners experience a school learning climate that is consistently positive and respectful which promotes their engagement

• inclusive educationally powerful connections, communication, and relationships with whānau, families and communities, to support student learning and outcomes

• sustainable high levels of professional capabilities and collective capacity to continually improve and innovate with access to relevant expertise.


Where to next?

Moving forward, the school will prioritise:

• continuing to build teacher capability, shared understanding, and implementation of effective teaching and learning practices that promote positive progress and improved achievement outcomes for all students, with a particular focus for Māori and Pacific learners, supported learners, and those achieving below expectation.

ERO’s role will be to support the school in its evaluation for improvement cycle to improve outcomes for all learners. ERO will support the school in reporting their progress to the community. The next public report on ERO’s website will be a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report and is due within three years.

The full 2022 report and previous E.R.O reports are available on the Education Review Office website

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