Guidelines for Remote-Learning Stage 1
This is what remote-learning will look like for your child from Monday 15th February – Wednesday 17th February (3pm)


What will my child’s day look like now? 

This will very much depend on how you and your family would like to map out your day. We encourage a balanced day with a mix of online and offline learning broken up with times for physical activity breaks, snack and lunch times and free play times. 

Suggested learning activities

Other more specific activities will be emailed to you by our classroom teacher.

Teachers will respond to parent and student emails to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have. 

These guidelines were formulated with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.  Please only do what suits your family situation.     

If the lock-down does continue beyond these three days we will then inform you about Stage 2 remote-learning – a more structured programme, and cover the distribution of devices if your child needs one.