The enrolment process differs depending on the age of your child: 

If your child is starting school for the first time, we would ideally like to have them enrolled by the time they are 4 1/2 years old. This helps us with our planning and organization.

For children who are older or changing schools, we would appreciate email or phone contact first. 

All in zone students are automatically accepted once all documentation is completed and accompanied by requested documents, including a birth certificate or passport.  

Parents (with the enrolling child) are asked to have an interview with the Principal, Deputy Principal or Associate Principals as part of the enrolment process. This way we can get to know you as a family and discuss the learning needs of your child. Once the documentation and interview is complete, children will then be able to begin attending the following Monday.

We run an interactive visit programme on Thursdays, from 9.10am to 10.30am in our New Entrant classroom for parents and children who are  preschoolers. Parents are required to stay with their child for the visit. 

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