Freemans Bay School, (FBS)  is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees shall consist of between 8 and 10 people, namely:

  • the principal
  • the staff trustee
  • the Whānau Ata trustee
  • five trustees elected by parents
  • optionally, up to two trustees co-opted by the Board


The Board is responsible for the governance of FBS, setting the direction and meeting the relevant legal and statutory requirements.  This specifically includes the responsibility for implementing the Charter, setting and reviewing goals, implementing policies and assessing performance in relation to these. 

The Principal, as Chief Executive, is charged with the responsibility of achieving these objectives through effective day to day management of the school’s staff and resources.

For parents and families School Docs provides a comprehensive view of all the  school operational and policy documents.
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Our user name is: freemansbay

Our password is:

Board Meetings:

Board meetings are open meetings and are held monthly.

  • Notification of each meeting is on the school  calendar.
  • Minutes of the Board meetings are available in the school office or on this page.
  • Each term the Board keeps the parents informed through a Board newsletter.

Current Board:

These are the members on our Board of Trustees: 

William Davis - Chairperson
Sandra Jenkins - Principal
Jo Watson - Staff Representative
David King
Eva Silverstone
Hamish Hopkinson
Kiriana Tipping

Term of Office:

Board members are elected by the school’s community once every three years. 

Board members can opt to have a term of 18 months or 3 years. The next election is in June 2021.


Elections for the Board shall be conducted every 18 months to ensure continuity of board membership.  The ‘main’ election (ie: at the 3-yearly May/June date gazetted externally) will be for:

  • 3 parent-elected trustees (elected by all parents)
  • the staff trustee
  • the Whānau Ata trustee (elected at a Whānau hui)

The “mid-term” election (18 months after the ‘main’ election) will be for:

  • 2 parent-elected trustees (elected by all parents)


They can be contacted by emailing the Chairperson on

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