At Freemans Bay School we report to parents about their child’s progress and achievement in a variety of ways.

These include:

“My Learning Journey” – available online at any-time through any web browser using OneNote (part of Microsoft 365). It showcases your child’s learning progress and goals throughout the year.
Three Way Conference – in Term 1 designed to ascertain important details about your child that will facilitate a successful learning year for them.
Student Learning Conference – Term 1 and Term 3.  Conversations around learning led by your child in the classroom.
Curriculum Progress Report – documents the curriculum level your child is working on in reading, writing and maths for each Year Level.
Conversations with Parents – as and when needed.

Why do we choose to report progress in these ways?

At Freemans Bay School, the reporting process (and indeed everything that we do) is aimed to put the child at the heart of the learning process. This is a significant amount of research which highlights the benefits that having students involved in the learning process, including how they report their learning.  This research includes but are not exclusive to:

Black, P. & Wiliam, D. (1998) Inside the Black Box: Raising standards through classroom assessment. Phi Delta Kappan, October, 139–148.

“The process of students reflecting on their learning, through effective questioning that promotes the articulation of student thinking, is integral to classroom assessment practices that enhance student learning”.

Absolum, M. (2006) Clarity in the Classroom, Auckland, Hodder

“If the focus is to be kept on learning, and the ownership of the learning with the child, then the best person to talk about the learning is the learner”

“Not only is the student the best person to tell their parents what they have learnt, but if we believe that students build their knowledge by communicating what they know, then providing an opportunity for the students to tell their family what they know can significantly assist with that learning.”

My Learning Journey

My Learning Journey is essentially an ePortfolio where you can see your child’s reading, writing, maths and Habits of Mind (HOM) goals. You will also find reflections on their achievement of these goals. “My Learning Journey” will tells you the level your child is currently working in, at any time of the year. You can tell what level your child is working in by reading the title of the page where your child has identified “My current goal”.

Three Way Conferences

We start the school year with a three-way conference where the student, parents and the teacher sit together and talk about the student’s learning, with the student taking an equal role.

It is seen as an opportunity to establish a learning focused relationship between the parent, student and teacher which will be built on over the year. It is a time to get to know each other better. The teacher is able to ascertain important details about the student that will facilitate a successful learning year for them, this can include information about past health and learning issues.

Questions that are discussed include:

What do you like most about school?  Why?
What do you like least about school?  Why?
What was your greatest achievement in your learning last year?  What are you most proud of?
What are you most passionate about? What do you love to do?
What learning areas are you strongest in?  Why do you think that?
What is the learning area that you want to work on this year?  Why do you think that? (ask parent too)
What are you looking forward to this year?  Why?
How can I (as the teacher) help you learn best? What do you need?

Student Learning Conferences


Curriculum Progress Report

We continue to have expectations for where a child should be with their learning based on the Year level they are in and using the New Zealand Curriculum as a guide.

They are:

  Year Level               Curriculum Level Expectation     
  End of Year 1 Early Level 1
  End of Year 2 At Level 1
  End of Year 3 Early Level 2
  End of Year 4 At Level 2
  End of Year 5 Early Level 3
  End of Year 6 At Level 3

Curriculum Progress Report – Term 4

The Curriculum Progress Report is sent home at the end of the school year, at the end of Term 4. This will tell you which curriculum level your child is working in for reading, writing and maths at the end of their current year level.  This can be used to identify what progress your child has made compared to previous years and how your child is progressing towards the expectation for their year level.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.