Alanah Kraay

Position: Whānau Puna - Year 3 and Year 4 Teacher

Alanah is a passionate, caring and energetic teacher excited to start her first year at Freemans Bay School. She loves getting to know her students and engaging with them in rich learning tasks.

Alanah went to school overseas, finishing school in Dubai as Head Girl at a school with over 70 different nationalities. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Auckland in 2011, and has been teaching on Waiheke for the past 5 years. 

Fiona Inverarity

Position: ESOL Teacher

Through working in a variety of childcare settings, Fiona has gained experience in many aspects of child development and learning. Recently, during Fiona’s final year at university she participated in studying Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education and taught in Montessori schools as part of her final practicums. From this experience Fiona has developed a passion for developing student agency and independence for learning.

Mike Knight

Position: Caretaker

Mike has been the caretaker of the school for over 30 years. He works tirelessly to make sure that the school grounds are kept clean and safe. Mike can be seen every morning and afternoon on the school crossing ensuring that the children of Freemans Bay are kept safe on the roads.

Chander Kumar

Position: Whānau Puna - Year 3 and 4 Teacher

Chander is an experienced teacher. She is passionate about literacy and brings a wealth of experience in this area to her students. Chander provides support to our library programme as well.

Susan Maddren

Position: ESOL Team Leader; ESOL Teacher

Susan has taught all year levels both in New Zealand and the UK, but most of her experience is with the juniors. Susan loves being a part of the rich diversity here at Freemans Bay School. She gets great enjoyment out of the successes the children make in their learning, and finds it really rewarding watching the ESOL students’ language develop as they become bilingual learners.

Janene Maskell

Position: Executive Officer
Phone: (09) 360 1572

Janene is the executive officer of the school and ensures that the school office runs smoothly. She is the Principal’s and Deputy Principal’s PA and supports and assists them both.

Priyanka Mathur

Position: Learning Assistant

Priyanka is a part of the learning support team. She works with small groups and individual children on specific programmes developed to support their needs. She has a post graduate in Master of Cost Control & Accountancy and loves to play with numbers and maths.  Priyanka is also passionate about dancing.

Catherine Minogue

Position: Whānau Puna - Learning Support Teacher

Catherine has a passion for “mindfulness” and how to encourage our learners to strive to achieve their best through persistence and self belief. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in meeting the diverse needs of our learners.

Caitlin O’Brien

Position: ESOL Teacher

Caitlin graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Education and a specialty in Steiner Education. Since then Caitlin has been working as a relief teacher and travelling overseas. Her strengths include literacy, outdoor education and student wellbeing. Caitlin is passionate about educating the whole child and bringing their social and emotional development into their learning journey. She looks forward to starting her teaching journey and being a part of the school community.

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