What does remote learning look like at FBS?

Remote learning starts on Wednesday 25th March until Friday 27th March. The school holidays run from Monday 30th March until Tuesday 14th April. Please enjoy the holidays and rest up! Remote learning recommences on Wednesday 15th April until further notice.

  • A mix of online and offline options for learning
  • Daily virtual class check ins with the teacher and all students (these commence on Thursday 26th March)
  • Videos, assignments and tasks set by teachers in hard copy or using MS 365
  • Flexible learning arrangements (children can learn at different times of the day) to suit family circumstances and needs
  • Learning that is appropriate for the home environment
  • Teachers giving feedback through online knowledge checks, comments on collaborative documents, and emails to parents to keep students motivated and moving forward
  • Please be mindful when communicating with your child’s teacher that they too have families that they will be looking after


What will my child’s day look like now?

This will very much depend on how you and your family would like to map out your day. We encourage a balanced day with a mix of online and offline learning. Children should be learning for a maximum of 3 hours a day (both on and offline) and the day should be broken up with times for physical activity breaks, snack and lunch times and free play times.

 Each day there will be a class videoconference with the teacher using your child’s Microsoft Account. We believe it is really important for the well being of our students that they can connect with their class and teacher when they can.

(Log-on details have been emailed to you and instructions are in the Support section below. These videoconferences are hosted on Microsoft Teams and are recorded so can be viewed at any time of the day if you are unable to connect at these times.)

8.40am – Whānau Rau Tahi

9.00am – Whānau Wai

9.30am – Whānau Rau Rua and Whānau Ata

10.00am – Whānau Puna

We recommend that your child spends between 30 and 45 minutes on each of the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths both on and offline, and that this learning is complemented by other learning activities. Teacher set tasks and suggestions can be found on each of the whānau’s SWAY pages.

Whānau Rau Tahi – https://sway.office.com/PU6JzGJUexzT68Gu

Whānau Rau Rua – https://sway.office.com/zOJC3kmD7MCP1coO

Whānau Puna – https://sway.office.com/ef0xIqELDzurjJD7

Whānau Wai – https://sway.office.com/OCKksCBcFPFMnzr7

Whānau Ata – https://sway.office.com/gRbthKX0s7RV82qt


How Can I Help My Child?

  • During remote learning, routines and expectations will change to some degree and so it is important to establish the new agreements and routines at home during this time
  • Setting daily goals will help your child to focus on their learning for the day
  • Children should maintain their regular bedtime routines so that they can keep to the school day for learning. Periodic breaks and regular movement are important
  • Make time to socialise even if that is by phone or internet with family and friends
  • Show an interest in what they are doing and enjoying spending this time with them
  • Keep a check on their wellbeing and mental health
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher by email if you need support or have any questions or concerns
  • Assist your child with access to technology and do your best to get your child on their class videoconference each day


What Will the Teachers Be Doing?

  • They will hold a morning videoconference to check in with their class to connect and set them up for the day
  • They will set the learning tasks and will provide links to the necessary resources
  • They will give feedback and guidance to students as appropriate
  • They will respond to parent emails and answer questions or concerns as soon as they are able to
  • Once again, please be mindful that our teachers also have families who they will be supporting at home


Tech Support:

If you are having difficulty with an app, please contact Suvarna on ictsupport@freemansbay.school.nz at any time. Alternatively you can call 021 143 1299 for tech support Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 – 11:00. 

How to access Teams for your daily class videoconference:


Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Anyong Haseyo, Namaste,
Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, Ni Hao, Sawadee, Konichiwa, Greetings!
Tena koutou e te whānau , he mihi ki a koutou katoa.

The Freemans Bay Curriculum engages, empowers and enriches our students.  Our values are Respect, Honesty, Friendship, Reaching for Success and Celebrating Cultural Diversity.  The school is situated on the edge of the Central Business District not far from Ponsonby Road. Freemans Bay School is a medium sized primary school with approximately 450 – 500 students. Students from many ethnic backgrounds attend Freemans Bay School which makes our school an exciting and vibrant place to be.

We are a well-resourced school with a well-stocked library, extensive grounds with large mature trees and very good sporting facilities.  We have a strong commitment to resourcing future orientated learning. All classrooms have interactive computer boards,  i-pads, a range of netbooks and access to digital cameras and i-pods.

The school is organised into four areas: Whānau (family or school teams) Rau for children from New Entrants to Year 2; Whānau Puna for Years 3 and Year 4; Whānau Wai for children in Years 5 and Year 6.  This composite two-year structure enables our school to provide support and extension for your child in a family group setting. Whānau Ata is the school’s Māori Immersion Unit for Years 1 to Year 6. Our unit was the first Maori language unit established in Central Auckland. Currently this unit teaches over eighty percent of the New Zealand Curriculum in Māori.

Our school has a commitment to high academic standards and an expectation that all children will succeed. Professional development for staff is on future oriented learning which encompasses e-learning, thinking and Assessment for Learning. Many of our staff continues post graduate study, which ensures that our teaching is based on National and International research on best educational practice.

At Freemans Bay School, we have made a strategic effort towards strengthening future orientated learning using e-learning tools to support our personalised learning environment through e-reflections and e-feedback. Our school online learning environment, enables students to post reflections on their learning and get feedback from their peers, teachers and parents.  We encourage our students to be accountable for their own learning, by documenting learning goals and progressions on our online learning environment.
Schooling is an open partnership between the parents, the child and the school. In order to maximise the learning potential of all children we need to have open communication between all parties. We do want and expect you to be involved in the learning at Freemans Bay School and hope that you will take the time to contribute to our school.

Children leave Freemans Bay School at about 11 years of age to attend Ponsonby Intermediate, Kowhai Intermediate or Pasadena Intermediate.