In 2019 the family donations will allow us to fund extra staffing to provide:

  • Additional teachers to reduce class sizes
  • Additional teacher time for e-learning/curriculum support
  • Literacy support programme
  • ESOL and Learning support programme
  • Specialist music programme

This year the school donation has been set at $300 per child, or $400 for families with more than one child at the school.
We wish to provide pupils with the best learning experience we can achieve.Your donation will directly benefit all children at the school.
You will receive a letter to encourage you to pay your family donation to support provision of extra staffing at Freemans Bay School. Thank you to those who have already asked about and paid their family donation.

Payment of the family donation is voluntary and we respect that.  We also acknowledge that some families are not in a position to pay the donation, either in one lump sum or at all.

The Board wishes every parent and caregiver to understand what the money from the annual donation enables the school to do for all pupils.

We regard annual parental contributions as the fairest and most feasible way to provide educational opportunities for all our children. This view is shared by most parents at the school, regardless of their ability to pay.

Please support our school. The contribution we suggest per child equates to only a little over a dollar a day! We rely on parental donations so that we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations about what we can deliver for all of our children.

Many thanks for your support – we really appreciate it.


Suggested contribution per child:

Full payment for year$300
Or 4 Term payments$75 each term
Or 10 Monthly payments$30 each month
Family subsidy – 2 or more children$400
Or 4 Term payments$100 each term
Or 10 Monthly payments$40 each month


Payments can be made:

Full or Term payment – by cash/cheque at the school office, Internet banking or online
Monthly payments – by automatic payment

This is a voluntary contribution to your child’s education and is the minimum amount we have estimated is needed to supplement government funding. If you do not wish to make a contribution in 2018, we would appreciate you letting us know to help with our budgeting and so that we do not send you any further reminders this year.

All contributions are tax deductible and we will issue you with a receipt for tax purposes.

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