Badminton – Just Smash It

Event Details

This event is running from 22 October 2022 until 10 December 2022. It is next occurring on 10/12/2022

Just Smash It is the casual after school badminton brand of Auckland Badminton. It is designed to give children the basics in badminton and to have a mix of coaching and competition (this mix varies depending on the group and size of the group). A fun way to introduce your child to the sport.   


Who: Year 3 to Year 6 

Start Date: Week 1 Saturday 22nd of October 2022 

End Date: Week 8 Saturday 10th of December 2022 

Place: Hall 

Time: 10:00 –11:30AM  

Cost: $60 for 8 sessions 


Enrolment & Payment: